Inspired by Indian Series

In my attachment to the topic of travelling and under pressure of feelings after my trip to India, I came across an Indian TV series online. This is a genuine soap opera, which I haven’t watched since ancient times, but this time, getting attracted by the views of India, traditions of holidays and events celebration conveyed through the plot, castas delimitations and other Indian life depictions I got addicted.
The series, actually, are Indian-Brazillian (of course what series can be without Brazillians!) and I am not saying that I watched it all devotedly: I kept fastforwarding to the moments which captured my interest, thus I went through 160 series!
What is distinctive, I heard from time to time certain wise expressions, which I have never heard before when wasted my time on soap operas. Either I was too young, or actually life of the Indians do obtain the Knowledge, let it even be a screen fictional version.

2. Another observation I made, which is not any new at all, although it touched fibers of my thoughts, was an issue of betrayal, meaning lies, meaning secrecy, subreption. One hides something from the other, pretending a saint, and their relationship seems to be pretty kind and honorable, and they consented to live in truth and faith, but one leaves things in the dark for a reason. And with that, this same person doesn’t snatch an opportunity to suspect and accuse the partner, making him/her experience negativism trying to excuse him/herself when there is no guilt on that side, only sincerity and faithfulness.  It’s like “guilty mind is never at ease” from a slightly different point of view. (Similar to what I once talked about in a different post, talking about a person who has been wrong and deserves anger or offence in return, but such a reaction does not follow and s/he gets angry and offended him/herself.) And does exist such a thing of suspecting the other when you’re not clean! And it’s bitter and sad, and unfortunately, true – and I have also experienced this in my life.
Where’s justice?!

3. And about lovvve. Sure, how come without “about it”?!
Or, actually, it’s about a family institution. If it could be like once before, when parents choose spouses for their children! The movie I’m talking about demonstrates two ways to create a family: by own choice of the couple who are madly in love, and the other one – by traditions dictate: in humble following their parents’ choice.
I do see something essential in here, in the head of the family’s “law of seniority”, in family principles,in active participation of parents in building lives and fortunes of their children.
Unfortunately, the modern society I know of does not possess sufficient sense of responsibility and sufficient adherence to principles. This would multiply concerns for parents to set their children’s lives, take care of continuing their generation. However, I become more confident that in such conditions children would be in times better raised, better educated and witter, as principles and values would be cultivated in them since their childhood. Parents would invest more in their offsprings following the understanding that they will have to “trade” him/her with “as much benefit as possible” , which requires their own “goods” to be initially at a proper level.

Generally, the concept of creating a family with someone who’s been chosen for you looks quite smart to me. In that case there is no abundance of the heart and exuberance of feelings, which make the reality fade out, which make the two jump over several stages of building a relationship or makes them find themselves at different stages and bear different expectations from what is natural for the stage of the other one. It seems to happen too galloping and sinking in the routine of relationship in case of “when in love” connection.

At the time of getting connected by means of parents’ prompting, stages are passed together: with belief in deserving choice of a dignified partner and with faith for inevitability of the happening – hoping then for the best possible outcome, the youngsters get to meet one another paying attention to one another’s character and personal treats, they both are at the same stage of relationship of learning about one another, then opening up and opening the partner for yourself, after – completing certain spouse duties, paying  credit and respect to parents – own and the spouse’s, and then they get to the stage of connection and attachment, mutual respect and love.

And there would hardly be the lonely, I guess, as each family would have as their duty, honor and dignity to match and engage their children.
For a reason I tend to believe in such practice. But my parents wouldn’t do that for me 🙂 Different time, different manners.

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