In Myanmar В Мьянме

image Я в Бирме. Ещё ничего не видела, не посещала, тк остановилась в буддистском медитационном центре на дней 10. Но по дороге из окна автобуса Янгон меня восхитил! Напишу не ранее ноября 22. I am in Burma. I haven’t seen anything yet, neither have I visited places, as I came to stay in a Buddhist meditation center for about 10 days. But on my way here I was amazed by some views of Yangon that I happened to see from a bus window. Will write not before Nov 22.

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  1. November 16, 2014 at 7:33 pm


    It’s Sophie, one of the swedes you hit the roads of Myanmar with. I try to add you on Facebook to make some plans concerning the vipassana course, but I can’t find you. Please ad me instead: Sophie Gripenberg



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