Welcome to recipes of my life

Welcome to RECIPES OF MY LIFE – a blog about essential components of my life (as you can find them sorted under the tab above ABOUT RECIPES OF MY LIFE):
traveling (Recipes of MBT (My Big Trip)) which realizes my passion for food (Recipes of My Love for Food – to be created later), experience of meeting people (Recipes of People on My Way) and analyses of life situations and challenges, my thoughts and considerations (Recipes of My Mind). All other posts go to Miscellaneous.

Recipes of my Life_mainA prism of my perception of the world constitutes my recipes. And, like culinary recipes in the kitchen can either result in a delicious dish or make you grin and bear it, life experiences vary too:  they can turn to be either encouraging or embarrassing. Whatever the reason for that is: either “ingredients quality” (fortune/karma/obstacles/surroundings and other) or hands of a chef: either gnarled or skilled (ability of the person to LIVE), the important thing is to master successful recipes, learn from failures on the way, and not to fear trying unknown ingredients to keep creating new recipes.

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