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Мое Предназначение My Mission

Заселилась я по приезду в Куллу неплохо, и искала недолго, но с сегодня у них под некое событие все зарезервировано. Потому как бы ни лень – надо двигать! Выбралась только после 9 – меньше 3 часов до чекаута,чтобы найти себе приют.
I found not a bad room upon my arrival in Kullu and it didn’t take me long. However, from today they are reserved for some event so I have to move. I went out for my searches only after 9 – less than 3 hours till check out time and need to find a stay.
However I didn’t feel like hurrying feeling confidence that I’ll be ok. So I was walking and enjoying new unknown veiws  Тем не менее торопиться мне не хотелось, тк я чувствовала некую уверенность, что все будет ок. Потому я просто шла и наслаждались новыми для меня неизвестными видами

in Leh |В Ле


So, I am in Leh, the place which made me hurry all the previous time instead of hanging out there longer. Although, truly speaking, this would exactly be just “hanging” and doing nothing as those destinations can not boast variety of things to do, more over, as i mentioned before, they lack most utilities.
In Leh my mobile operator doesn’t work either, therefore I have no 3G, but here I got a cosy room with hot shower (can you hear me well – shower, not just water in a bucket!), nice linen whereto I get without preliminary wrapping in my sleeping bag, cafes with all types of cuisine (however, I have not started missing any pizzas or real coffee yet, and more over I haven’t tried yet such a popular Tibetian momo yet!), plenty of internet services to share impressions online, and, maybe, meeting some other travellers. Cause I am still travelling on my own – as some of friends were worried asking how it is possible to be on my own – so, you see – very much possible! Those are rare cases when I am completely alone (maybe they are even wishful for me…) either here or there I meet people. As, for example in Kaza I met a guy from Israel in an internet cafe and to my big happiness was able to talk to him in Hebrew not bad at all! I wish I coould join him and his friends fro longer, but I was already leaving soon Kaza which did not fall good into my heart.
But mostly in comparison to my last trip, I meet locals. This is also interesting and curious, but I can not move on with them to travel together.

A Day in Reckong Peo День в Риконг Пио

Сижу втыкаю. Sitting staring.
Под ногами яблоневый сад. Under my feet there is an apple orchard

Над головою – горы 🙂 Over my head there are mountains.

I am in Rackong Peo, which is in Kennaur Valley.
Я в Раконг Пио, что в Долине Кинор. Тут тааааакааая красотища! Вот какая:
There is suuuuch a beauty here! Like this:

INDIA Dec,2012 – Jan, 2013 Summary

As I could not upload photos here when writing the post, some of the words I enriched with links, so these links can lead you to the photo from where pictures about that particular [geographical] place start. Other links may mean just one particular photo they lead to.

Although I kept writing memos in Russian about my experience in India gradually through the whole month of travelling, and as a result I produced tens of pages in Russian, I feel happy to see the interest in my trip from non-Russian speakers and I am eager to make a summary of general impressions in English too. However, the summary is not a short story either J